Damien Ajavon is an Afropean textile artist with Senegalese and Togolese roots. Their work explores the manipulation of textile fibers by hand, and their creative process is influenced by the interplay between visual and tactile experiences. Using their African and Western influences, Damien tells stories through textiles.

Motivated by the desire to search for their identity, their blackness, and their relationship to home, origin, and spirit, Damien has gained significant international visibility across Europe, Africa, and North America. Recently, Damien completed their Master's in Textiles at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, where they were able to develop various skills including hemp weaving, cashmere dyeing, Italian feather work, digital knitting, traditional Manjak weaving, hat felting, and the creation of accessories in Quebec.

Damien's works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions and artist residencies in North America, Europe and Africa. their work was even included in the public collection of the municipality of Oslo, which demonstrates the recognition of their talent and contribution to contemporary textile art.

Damien's artistic practice is deeply rooted in their heritage and is influenced by African and Western cultures, as well as the queer community. Their work with textiles is a powerful tool for creating culturally representative pieces, merging generations of African craftsmanship with their diasporic and transoceanic knowledge and experiences.

At the heart of their work lies a strong desire to merge cultures and create something new and beautiful. Damien Ajavon is a committed textile artist, whose creations reflect their exploration and his desire to share inspiring stories through the power of textiles.

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