My artistic journey is an exploration of the fluidity inherent in both my identity and the materials I employ. Within my art, I weave together the fabric of my being – my body, its desires, my evolving identity, my blackness, queerness, and the complex interplay between my sense of home, origin, and spirit. These strands coalesce to form the core of my artistic expression, reflecting the inheritance of a language woven into my cultural heritage.

Central to my artistic inquiry is a fascination with the fluid nature of time and identity within textiles. I seek to encapsulate not just the present moment but also the past and future within my textile creations. As a black, queer individual within the realm of textile art, I acknowledge my departure from the prevailing hetero-masculine narrative dominating the historical West African textile practice. However, I see my presence as an assurance, carrying this timeless language forward with reverence and care, ensuring its evolution continues.

My art is a weave of diverse influences, a dialogue between African and Western identities. Through my work, I explore the connections between these cultures, drawing from diaspora archives, history, and traditional craft techniques. I intertwine elements from folklore and fairy tales, finding harmony between the threads of these rich and varied narratives.

Beyond the physicality of my craft, I am intrigued by the potential of art to foster intimate spaces that embrace vulnerability and fluid desires. I aim to create artworks that transcend the limitations of time and culture, envisioning narratives that transcend boundaries, spanning across history and geography.

In essence, my textile art is a tapestry of my identity and experiences, a celebration of the complexities of human existence. It is my earnest endeavor to bridge diverse cultures, encapsulate time's continuum, and perpetuate a timeless language through the tactile medium of textiles.

© Damien Ajavon